Robin's Song is a exploration Rhythm Game, where players get to play and experiment with music in an enviroment that reacts and adds to the music they make. 

The game gives the players  access to a plethora of characters whom all play a different instrument. Players can record small pieces of music, and loop them together to make a song.

There are no wrong notes in Robin's Song. The game presents players with an assortiment of notes and sounds that each instrument can make. These notes are carefully chosen to fit together in any configuration. So players can focus on discovering the fun of music.



Robin's song takes players on a journey through the musical lands. A land filled with music and life. These lands were made long ago by a mysterious power and are said to hold the mysterious Allsong. A song so beautiful that there can be no better song. Now the musical lands are filled with musicians who are all looking for this mysterious song.

The players, together with Robin, travel these lands and play music wilt all the people they meet.


Players explore the world of Robin's Song equipped with the magical "Backpacking Band". This is a magical backpack, with a miniature stage on it, that lets them recrute musicians to their band, and play music through them.


The magic of the Backpacking Band makes sure players can's play any wrong notes. Every note has been carefully chosen to fit with one another, and everything is synchronised to the beat. 

The backpack also gives players the ability to record short piece of music and play them in a loop. Then they can use them use those as backing track for their own improvisations.

When players meet new people, they are presented with a little puzzel. When completed, those musicians can be added to their band to expand their musical abilities.


In Robin's Song, players wil meet a divers assortiment of characters. All with there own story and wishes. Through playing music and talking with those characters they wil build up a bond, and their story will unfold.

Grandchild to the famous musician Edwin, Robin was born without a voice. But their grandfather allways told them that music can become one's voice. Now Robin travels through the musical lands, to meet new people and find their voice.

An old spirit and a good friend of Robin's grandfather, The Tuner is the elder of the island, and composer of the Allsong. Most of the time they just give advise and tune all the instruments. But rumours go around that they are also the creator of the musical lands.


The Tuner

Millo is a musical construct created by The Tuner. Millo is a curious being, and wants to learn as much about the world as they can. 

A spirit of nature, they awoke in the bayou and found themselves alone. Now they roam the land, playing music and looking for someone just like them.

An elderly lady with a fiery temper. She lives in jazz town, but longs to see more of the island and travel in search of the Allsong, like she used to do in here younger years.



Abuela Anna

A young and ambitious girl, who is out to be the best musician of all time. She is determined to be the first to find the Allsong.

The skeletal musician from the world famous mariachi band “Bella Ciao”. He loves music with some swing to it, and when he gets in the groove there is no stopping his creativity.

A bass player straight from a smokey bar in a black and white movie. He has found a home in a new smokey bar on the island of music.



Joe Dark

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